Mission Statement

ICASA stands for the Indian Cultural Advancement Society Australia. The association seeks,
as its goal, and increased awareness of Indian Culture in Australia and organises a number
of social and cultural activities for the benefit of its members.

Aims and Objectives of ICASA Inc:

  • To Foster and Promote Indian Culture.
  • To establish facilities and amenities.
  • To receive donations, subscriptions and other gifts, monetary or otherwise
    to enable the society to carry out its Functions.
  • To hold religious, prayer and cultural meetings, celebrate religious festivals
    as desired by the general membership.
  • To hold classes for imparting Indian languages.
  • To encourage adults and children to become active in the association.
  • To hold in trust all properties belonging to the Society.
  • Improve the venue for our cultural activities.
  • Increase membership.
  • Encourage youth participation.
  • Impart musical knowledge and languages.
  • Foster and promote Indian culture.

Promoting the Culture

ICASA aims to promote the culture through the various activities that it organises and relies
on the continuous support of its members to achieve this goal. Prayer meetings and bhajans
are held on a regular basis and everyone is welcome to join. Please refer to the Calendar for
further information. If you would like to get involved and assist coordinate a prayer, please
contact one of the committee members for further information.Your assistance and support
will be highly appreciated.

>>Please refer to our organisations constitution in downloadable PDF form<<